Project EMA is a concept focused on living, capturing and sharing meaningful learning experiences to audiences in different parts of the world, through immersive technology.




Integrating a global perspective into the delivery of higher education has become a central element of many education institutions. However, these impacts have only been marginal, reaching to a minority of participants.

Learning has become ubiquitous, more social, and increasingly informal. Project EMA is based in the belief that people learn from other people, they learn in their homes, on their way home, at work, and while having a coffee.

The exchange participants go abroad, capture experiences and store them in Project EMA’s online platform. The platform allows users to easily upload content created during their travels.

Once participants get back to their countries they will share their experiences via Project EMA’s online platform by / or by using EMA Experience Kit with a group of people

  • Brings new learning - teaching methods to traditional practices.
  • Proven evidence of acquisition of global and intercultural skills.
  • Increased opportunities to reach a critical mass of students.

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